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Ana Vinagre, fadista

Angela Brito, Fadista

Angela Brito, fadista - California - US

Carlos Furtado

Carlos Macedo, fadista

Catarina Avelar, fadista

Celia Maria, fadista

Dinis Paiva, fadista

David Silveira Garcia, fadista

Elizabeth Maria, fadista

Elizabeth MariaElisabeth Maria, fadista - New Jersey - US

Fatima Santos, fadista

Jose Carlos, fadista

Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos, fadista - Massachusetts - US

Jennifer Bettencourt, fadista

Jeremias Macedo, fadista

Jeremias Macedo

Josefina Couto, fadista

Jose Ribeiro, fadista

Jose Ribeiro

Kimberly Gomes

Luis Ferraz, fadista

Manuel Brandao, fadista

Manuel Brandao

Manuel Brandao, fadista (fado singer)

Manuel Hilario, fadista

Manuel Hilario

Maria Teresa Santos, fadista

Marylou Lawrence, fadista

Nathalie Pires, fadista

Pedro Botas, fadista

Pedro Botas

Pedro Botas, fadista - New Jersey - US

Ramana Vieira, fadista

Rosa Maria, fadista

Rosa Maria

Rosa Maria, fadista - Massachusetts - US

Salome Cardinali, fadista

Sandra Pinheiro Pacheco, fadista

Sandy Batista, fadista

Sonia Bettencourt

Tania DaSilva, fadista

Tony Gouveia, fadista

Victor Reveredo, fadista

Zélia Freitas, fadista

Sandy Batista


Sandy Batista began performing at the tender age of 5. 

She commenced her career singing with her father a well known local artist Martinho Batista at local events.  As a child she knew that performing and singing Portuguese music was going to be a huge part of her life.  At 12 years old she had her own general business Portuguese band “Conquistadors”.  That is when her parents knew it was time for voice lessons.  She studied under the great Anna Maria Saritelli Duponte (a founder of the RI Opera), Natalia Deresendez, and Susan Alves (teacher at Cumberland High School that taught her to be a Vocalist and not just a singer). She also studied voice performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston.  She has traveled as an artist representing our culture.


Sandy was born and raised in RI, to Portuguese American immigrants, Martinho Batista (from Penalva do Castelo) and Helena Batista (from Viseu).  They taught her to speak, read and write Portuguese.  She studied Portuguese at Escola Portuguesa do Clube Juventude Lusitana.  Sandy sang and danced for the Rancho Folclorico do Clube Lusitana.  She was Miss Day of Portugal twice in RI.  In 2013 she served on the Day of Portugal committee.  As a child her voice could be heard singing “Holy Holy” during mass at Our Lady of Fatima in Cumberland.


“Singing Fado is an honor.  When I close my eyes and sing poems that were written about sorrow, history and triumphs, I am humbled.  I appreciate every lesson and conversation that I have learned and had with my Portuguese family and fellow Luso Americans.  I feel the power of every melody and know the strength of every word that I sing. Motherhood is my greatest influence.  It has enhanced my understanding to the sorrow, joy and lessons that can be heard in every lyric that lingers in Fado. They were composed to teach descendants what our ancestors and families endured. I will be forever grateful to my culture, parents and supporters for providing me with the opportunity to showcase our history and strength as a community through the world of Fado.”


Contact info:  Tel 401-632-2982

Email: mrstugas@gmail.com





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