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Lima Brothers  -  Irmãos Lima


Guitarra Portuguesa: Antonio Lima  Viola: Abel Lima

Contact: 401-438-2363

Fado musicians are called guitarristas.


Fado singers are  usually accompanied by two or three musicians referred to as guitarristas. One plays the Portuguese guitarra (a 12 string guitar)  one plays a viola

(a 6 string acoustic guitar) and one plays contra baixo.




Learn how to play the portuguese guitar

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Lima Brothers

 (Irmaos Lima)

Abel Lima

Antonio Lima



Guitarras do Atlantico

Jose Silva
Pedro Pimentel

Viriato Ferreira


Sete 7 Colinas

Helder Carvalheira

Manuel Escobar

João Cardadeiro



 Jose Mota

Manuel Leite


Os Rouxinois

George Costa Jr

(Guitarra Portuguesa)

Steve Soares

(Viola De Fado)

Joseph Sousa

(Violao Baixo)




Guitarras do Atlantico

Jose Silva            Viriato Ferreira           Pedro Pimentel

Os Rouxinois

George Costa Jr          Steve Soares       Joseph Sousa


George Costa Jr (Guitarra Portuguesa)

Steve Soares (Viola De Fado) - Joseph Sousa (Violao Baixo)

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